I love serving people through photography. Capturing memories for others is so special. My heart is for more than photos, it's for people. As someone who feels so deeply, I know how special it is to capture those authentic moments for you and yours. I want you, as a couple or individual, to remember this season of your life vividly though my photos.

If you are looking for someone to snap a few shots and go away forever, I'm going to tell you right now I’m not your girl. Why? Because I want to friends with you! I want to connect with you and keep in touch long after your wedding or session. Let's pop a bottle of champagne and talk about your story before we even start snapping photos. I'm not a small-talk person, I want to know your heart and, through that, I can capture it better so these photos are as genuine as possible.

I photograph, inspire and serve people who are yearning for something beautiful to remember years from now. I am so blessed to give people the gift of paused moments in pictures.

When I'm not busy capturing all these gorgeous people, you can catch me spending time with my sweet FIANCE (that’s right, I’m a bride too), Chase, who might even show up to a few sessions to help. You might also find me on the road, traveling somewhere crazy and new. I have traveled to Thailand, Belgium and France, all in the past year! I love to travel. God made such a beautiful world, it would be a shame not to explore it a little. Speaking of beautiful places, I am obsessed with the beach. Sunsets on the beach make my heart sing.

Think we could be friends? Let’s chat more!

some fun facts…



The Why

Throughout my childhood I loved capturing people through photos and videos. I was an avid Windows Movie Maker user. If you were to check my parents' hard drive, I guarantee you'd find hundreds upon hundreds of content that I created as young as nine years old. I loved the idea that I could look back on my captured memories years later. This idea has stuck with me through the years.

Now, I capture those moments for others and create content that YOU can look back on one day.

People are my purpose. I mentioned above that I am a passionate person, well I'm certainly passionate about people. It feels silly to call this a job. It is a whole lot deeper than that, this is a form of expression for me and a gift for you.


The How

My approach is a little different. I want you to look and feel like yourself in my photos. Say goodbye to all things posed and proper when you choose me. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you laughing and smiling and glowing in front of the camera. Why? Because those are the moments you will want to remember. The poses aren't real, but having you two kiss with your teeth and burst out laughing, that's real life and it's what you will want to remember someday. Not only that, I don't use big lighting fixtures and crazy equipment, I only use natural lighting in my pictures.

In order to get you two comfortable with me, I might bring some coffee for us to enjoy before the session, just so we can get warmed up. I said it before and I will say it again, I want to be friends with you! You are not just a name in my calendar, no freaking way, I value you as a person and I want to give you the best experience possible!


Am I the photographer for you? AHH, I sure hope so!

Introduce yourself and let me know how I can serve you!